OpenNRM Forest Management and Project Prioritization

Forest restoration and management must be implemented strategically at the landscape scale to effectively yield multiple watershed benefits. Working with stakeholders, 34 North has customized our OpenNRM data platform to support fuels reduction and forest restoration planning to reduce the risks associated with wildfire. The platform facilitates a more robust collaborative planning process and addresses the challenges facing our forests and the need to increase the “pace and scale of restoration”.

Data and information exist for various purposes in many different forms. To efficiently plan and restore at a landscape level, data and information needs to be accessible, useful, and accurate. The successful implementation of landscape level planning requires the cooperation and coordination of various agencies, community groups, and individual landowners. Our data platform supports regional stakeholders with collaborative planning tools and base line information allowing stakeholders to view and assess project area conditions and implementation challenges.

The OpenNRM Forest Management Data Platform significantly increases the capacity for forest restoration and fuel reduction project planning.

Forest Health Restoration Planning Tool and Data Platform

Decision Support

  • Forest Structure and Vegetation Models
  • Fuels Mapping
  • Fire Risk and Fire Hazard Severity Maps
  • Wildfire Assessment
  • Elevation Products
  • Historical Climate Data
  • Real-Time Weather Conditions
  • Hydrologic Data
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Fire Fighting Facilities and Resources
  • Land Ownership and Parcel Data
  • Zoning and Land Use Designations
  • Fuel Break Location and Conditions
  • Fuels Reduction Projects Restoration Projects
  • Timber Harvest Plans
  • Structure Density Maps
  • Protected Areas (Critical Habitats, Federal Wilderness, etc.)
  • Economic and Census Data
  • Historical Fire Perimeters and Incident Data

Project Planning and Implementation

  • Project Area Analysis
  • Planning Scenarios
  • CEQA/NEPA Assist
  • Project Management Tools
  • Data Workspaces
  • Grant Writing Support
  • Implementation Workspaces
  • Monitoring

OpenNRM Forest Management Platform Features

34 North offers a full-service product implementation and data program. Our goal is to set up the platform and make sure all data and information (including data, projects, GIS, grants information, reports etc.) are accessible and easy to use. Once the platform is fully implemented, we train our clients to manage their own content and information. OpenNRM is a software-as-a-service platform. Monthly service fees guarantee that your program is fully supported and all data and software components are stable, up to date and functioning efficiently. New data and information are frequently added as the restoration network grows. Your data program will reflect updates and investments made throughout the network as soon as they are ready.

OpenNRM Forest Management Platform Features

  • Data Aggregation and Catalog Development
    34 North’s comprehensive data and information catalog is a foundational component that eliminates the need to compile data from numerous external sources. The data aggregation component requires a combination of working with existing data from the 34 North clearing houses, aggregating data from state and federal data programs using web services ( or, local county data, and data available only from stakeholder desktops. Configuring custom data catalogs will organize your data for all stakeholders to discover and use.
  • Data Display, Organization and Access
    Data will be organized and made discoverable based on county, watershed, project areas, planning areas, CEQA analysis, prioritization attributes and other key data groups. Data packages and compilations are then organized using project workspaces, spatial map viewers, saved maps and data dashboards. Data is made portable so that the core data is maintained at the source, but can be used anywhere to tell stories and perform analyses.
  • Project Prioritization Support
    Prioritization scenarios are implemented as part of the planning component. This tool allows users to analyze a geographic extent and discover locations that are best suited for restoration based on planning criteria and guiding documents. Much of the spatial data needed to form management decisions on a landscape scale can be geoprocessed (mathematical calculations performed on data) prior to web publication. GIS data layers are than combined into objective function weighted rasters to identify priority areas.

The 34 North team will work with you to develop prioritization scenarios. We are actively involved in forest management and planning at the State and Federal levels and can provide use cases and assistance with the development process. The platform currently organizes many statewide data sets to help collaboratives review project area summary statistics including the data required for grant writing and general project planning.

About OpenNRM

OpenNRM is a collaborative natural resource management platform for data and information collection, analysis, reporting, and visualization. Since 1999, 34 North has been an innovator in collaborative natural resource management technologies and data solutions. Our unique software platform, OpenNRM, and data service offerings help our clients to turn data into valuable real time information. OpenNRM forest management deployments include:

  • Collaborative Natural Resource Management and Planning
  • Ecosystem Restoration Project Management
  • Collaborative Data Management and Access, Open Data
  • Collaborative Science
  • Forest Management Application
  • Regional Data Platforms
  • Watershed Management and Monitoring

The OpenNRM data management platform is used by many state and federal agencies including California Department of Water Resources, United States Burau of Reclamation, United States Geological Survey, California Water Boards, CalFire, USFS, NASA/JPL and others to better organize, manage, review and share data. The OpenNRM platform, combined with a comprehensive data management program reduces the complexity of data management and provides the capabilities for acquiring, processing, and analyzing data. Effectively turning data into valuable information. 34 North software and services will bring you a secure, enterprise class application that is agile and customizable enough to support the ever-changing needs and requirements of natural resource management

  • Planning Process Products and Web-Based Communications
    The project prioritization and planning process will produce outputs that can be shared within the stakeholder groups and also with the public. These outputs can be strategy maps, prescription maps, project maps and project pages, data compilations and public communication memos/outreach flyers that can be compiled and displayed using the planning application templates and displayed on custom URLs. The implementation of these communications will be configured based on the needs of the client stakeholder groups and communities. Once templates are established, your team can manage and distribute as part of your daily workflow.
  • Data Display, Organization and Access
    Data will be organized and made discoverable based on county, watershed, project areas, planning areas, CEQA analysis, prioritization attributes and other key data groups. Data packages and compilations are then organized using project workspaces, spatial map viewers, saved maps and data dashboards. Data is made portable so that the core data is maintained at the source, but can be used anywhere to tell stories and perform analyses.
  • Special Data and Imagery
    Where available, project area remote sensing layers including tree point files and basal area calculations will be acquired through USGS, USFS and CalFire as a shape file and can be customized by project areas for web optimization.

    Butte County Fire Map

  • Local Knowledge and Stakeholder Engagement
    There is an extensive amount of GIS data, sensor data and local knowledge necessary for coordinated forest management and collaboration. A critical and often time-consuming component of landscape-level planning is the process of stakeholder engagement and the solicitation of feedback, which restoration managers use to inform project priorities and design restoration activities. The Platform simplifies this process by providing easy access to data through dashboards and a suite of comment feeds and annotation tools to efficiently gather stakeholder feedback on planning documents and proposals. The Platform’s interactive and intuitive map tools that allows users to draw on maps to mark priority areas, make corrections, and leave comments. While these tools will not entirely replace the need for in person stakeholder interaction, they will simplify the process, increase efficiency, and create an ongoing record and archive of data and decisions.
  • Permitting Support
    The Permitting support tool is a resource designed to help project managers efficiently meet the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act. The Tool includes a comprehensive inventory of past, current and proposed CEQA projects. These projects are geolocated, and can be viewed using an interactive map which shows approximate project boundaries. Each project has detailed metadata and all related project documents (Environmental Impact Reports, Negative Declarations, Environmental Impact Statements, etc.) are uploaded and available. Additionally, your project can be configured to include feedback in project planning areas that assess critical CEQA/NEPA data assessment: critical habitat, biological resources, hydrology, soils, air quality and much more.

Platform Features At-a-Glance


Database Icon

Geo-spatial Support

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Interactive Mapping

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Project Management Tools

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Asset Catalogs

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Data Management Tools

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Data Analysis and Visualization

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Content Management, Accessibility and Syndication

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Configurable Dashboards

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Mobile Application

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Messaging and Alerts

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  • Project Workspaces
    Project workspaces include a collaboration area with recent activity feeds, comment feeds and messaging, GIS and data layer viewer, custom article templates, member list etc. The workspace manager can produce saved maps that can be used to create public outreach reporting and communications. The project workspaces can be maintained by client or by 34 North staff of project managers when not actively in use. Local project data will be used for planning area and watershed scale assessments. Project workspaces have monitoring capabilities for post project implementation and reporting.


  • Decision Support Tool Workshop and Project Set up Technical Assistance Program
    New technology is often intimidating to new users, especially with hundreds of datasets to navigate. The data program will provide a project companion and run regular workshops to help agencies, community groups and individual landowners manage data and their workspaces to accomplish the goals and objectives. Each fully implemented platform will come complete with help videos and documentation.


  • Reporting Dashboards, Public Outreach and Communication
    The culmination of above described data compilations and planning efforts will result in project pages, data dashboards and public outreach messaging web pages. The project will set up beautiful templates for developing easy to use and understand web pages for public outreach and general project messaging. The project will also compile several dashboards to summarize data and information developed during the planning process based on watershed, planning or project area.

OpenNRM Enterprise Software Standard Set-up

  • OPENNRM Enterprise Software Set-Up
  • OPENNRM Instance Set-up Services
  • Catalog Set-up
  • Web-Map Configuration
  • Content Management Tools
  • Data Analytics (Enterprise)
  • Data Presentation Templates
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Seamless Integration with OPENNRM
  • Support and SLA

A Platform with Experience

The 34 North team of scientists, GIS experts and developers have extensive experience and knowledge, working in collaborative forest management, fire and project planning. Our experience has led to a highly customizable product that can make your data more productive and operational.

Unique offerings and data enhancements can include:

  • Comprehensive statewide GIS data service for forest management and project planning. Geospatial experience throughout the state of California. How to analyze and synthesize disparate data types from vegetation, hydrology, topography, remote sensing and more.
  • Integration with key real time data services and custom applications to use these services. Examples: NOAA/NFMS (weather and climate), California Data Exchange Center, National Water Information System, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, CalFire Fire and Resource Assessment Program, U.S. Forest Service, Water Operations, Remote Sensing (Sentinel 2, Ecostress, Lidar, Landsat).
  • Integration with hydrology and fisheries data can help planners assess the impact of forest planning activities on the watershed and fisheries. 34 North works daily with California water quality, hydrology, fisheries data and information including extensive experience with fish facilities (hatcheries and salvage) and acoustic monitoring. Using data from fisheries monitoring program can improve overall project monitoring and reporting.
  • Techniques for web-based data visualizations that combine disparate data to tell a comprehensive data story.
  • Using data inputs to report on regulatory action throughout the forest management industry.
  • Data reporting to stakeholders. 34 North has developed data reporting dashboards for water operations, regulatory reporting, water quality, fisheries, and special projects or research
  • Using data and project tools to improve grant writing workflows and fundraising.

How we work

Every project we work on is important to us. We not only work hard to understand your data needs, uses cases and goals; we also work to understand your data. In natural resource management, this attitude is critical because environmental data is complicated.

34 North begins all projects with significant client contact and project knowledge collection.

34 North project management adheres to standard workflow methods, but it is also amenable to the fact that there are many stakeholders involved in a natural resource project. We are open to new ideas and workflows to make your project successful.