BDL App Overview

The BDL App brings users important data and information from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta regional data portal in an easy to use interface. Managers, scientists, staff and Delta stakeholders can access the most current weather, fisheries, water operations, ecosystem projects, data and research available.

OpenNRM is a collaborative resource management platform for data and information collection, analysis, reporting, and visualization. Since 1999, 34 North has been an innovator in collaborative natural resource management technologies and data solutions. Our unique software platform, OpenNRM, and data service offerings help our clients to turn data into valuable real time information. OpenNRM water and ecosystem management deployments include:

  • Collaborative Natural Resource Management and Planning
  • Ecosystem Restoration Project Management
  • Collaborative Data Management and Access, Open Data
  • Collaborative Science
  • Water Operations
  • Monitoring Programs
  • Watershed and Estuary Management
  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting
  • Fisheries Management
  • Inter-agency Collaboration
  • Climate Adaptation and Conservation

OpenNRM Enterprise Data Platform

The OpenNRM data management platform is used by many state and federal agencies including California Department of Water Resources, United States Burau of Reclamation, United States Geological Survey, California Water Boards, Estuary Workgroups and others to better organize, manage, review and share data. The OpenNRM platform, combined with a comprehensive data management program reduces the complexity of data management and provides the capabilities for acquiring, processing, and analyzing data. Effectively turning data into valuable information. 34 North software and services will bring you a secure, enterprise class application that is agile and customizable enough to support the ever-changing needs and requirements of natural resource management.

OpenNRM Data Platform Diagram

OpenNRM Data Platform

A Platform with Experience

The 34 North team of scientists and developers have extensive experience and knowledge, developed over many years , working in water and ecosystem specific natural resource data and data challenges. Our experience has led to highly customizable product features that can make your data more productive and operational.

Unique Offerings & Enhancements can include:

  • Integration with key data services and custom applications to use these services. Examples: NOAA/NFMS Data, CDEC, NWIS, USFWS, Water Operations
  • Integration with fisheries monitoring data including extensive experience with Fish Facilities (salvage) and Vemco acoustic monitoring receivers. Combining data from receivers of varying types and web-based fish tracking.
  • Geospatial experience throughout the state of California. How to analyze and synthesize disparate data types from vegetation, hydrology, topography, remote sensing and more.
  • Extensive experience working and managing water quality data with hydrodynamic data, fish data. Extensive experience making these data interoperable and or complementing each dataset with enhanced reporting.
  • Pre-developed data filters that work seamlessly with “out-of-box” data services (CDEC, NWIS, Fish monitoring).
  • Techniques for web-based data visualizations that combine disparate data to tell a comprehensive data story.
  • Using data inputs to report on regulatory action throughout the water industry.
  • Data reporting to stakeholders. 34 North has developed data reporting dashboards for water operations, regulatory reporting, water quality, fisheries, and special projects or research.

How We Work

Every project we work on is important to us. That means we not only work hard to understand your data needs, uses cases and goals; we also work to understand your data. In natural resource management, this attitude is critical because environmental data is complicated.

34 North begins all projects with significant client contact and project knowledge collection.

How we work

How we Work

The 34 North project management workflow is fairly standard, but it is also amenable to the fact that there are many stakeholders involved in a natural resource project. We are open to new ideas and workflows to make this project successful.

How we work2

How we Work

OPENNRM Enterprise Software Standard Set-up

A primary activity that begins at the start of the project is standing up the OpenNRM instance. This task allows for immediate set up of certain data and activities for efficient iterative development and test cases. The task includes:

OPENNRM Enterprise Software Set-Up:
Set up and configuration of dedicated and managed hosting environment at Tier 1 facility. Install PostgreSQL Database with PostGIS extension, GeoServer instance and related code libraries. Prepare database and network authentication protocols for up to 50 standard users or administration accounts. Users can be defined as both a user and an administrator. Each individual identified by their emails address only counts once towards the total allowed. 34 North will manage account set up and permissions as part of SAAS contract and for the purpose of managing SLA.
OPENNRM Instance Set-up Services:
34 North will provide project management set up services for the software. The technical project manager (TPM) assigned to DWR will be responsible for initial OPENNRM Instance set up through use of appropriate resources. The 34 North TPM will develop and share with DWR a set up schedule for OPENNRM SAAS instance for both creative & technical specifications that balance internal/client needs and deliverables.
Catalog Set-up:
OPENNRM Catalog is an enterprise-class catalog with comprehensive and customizable metadata tools that enables self-service data management and discovery. The catalog is a fully managed service that stores, describes and provides information on more than 50 file types/data sources. Standard users have permission to register, comment and search for assets. The administrator has these permissions plus advanced privileges to create, edit and delete a particular asset.
Web-Map Configuration:
Set up OPENNRM interactive map tools to allow for web mapping services. Import key GIS layers (shape files) and build maps for general organization communication needs and to help users locate and visualize important project information. 34 North will also train DWR Technical Contact to style and manage GIS layers in QGIS before publishing to web portal. The OPENNRM Basic package allows storage and display for 200 GIS layers or up to or 5 GB storage. Layers will be organized as part of a GIS catalog with metadata as well as presentation in a digital atlas for easy discovery.
Content Management Tools:
User access to OPENNRM content management tools for creation of projects, docs and wikis.  Use the CMS tools and collaboration features to document and communicate projects and group actions.
Data Analytics (Enterprise):
OPENNRM Enterprise data analytics features provide users with access to time series tools and graphing. Users can save graphs and data maps to associate with projects and dashboards.
Data Presentation Templates:
Software package includes default content and data widget templates.
Collaboration Tools:
Users inside DWR can join and contribute with OPENNRM collaboration tools. Published assets can be shared with your user community as project pages, data dashboards and wikis.
Seamless Integration with OPENNRM Data Services Subscription:
SAAS package includes integrated data services for California Data Exchange Network (Real Time Hydrologic Data for California), National Water Information Service, Fisheries Data and California GIS Catalog. Data is regularly updated and maintained by 34 North.
Support and SLA:
See 34 North SLA agreement for details. There is no SLA during development period.

Custom Development and Data Management Services

While standard data fits easily into the OpenNRM data model, more complicated data will undergo the onboarding process. Our data onboarding process is collaborative and iterative process that will develop a schema or set of schemas to prepare data for OpenNRM onboarding. Throughout this process 34 North works with our clients team to prepare data from disparate sources by evaluating the following:

Data Inventory Analysis and Discovery:
Understanding and documenting client’s data library, purpose and structure (use case analysis). This is a discovery process that will define how data is useful to the organization and how it might be useful for different analytic explorations. This process will document unique elements of the data that will inform the transformation, analysis process and schema development.
Metadata Analysis:
Review of current metadata requirements and determine if requirements are compatible with internal search and evaluation goals and public facing data sharing requirements. This effort will take into consideration varying metadata formats including FGDC, ISO, INSPIRE, CKAN and SB 1755 Open and Transparent Water Data Act.
Structure/Normalization (1NF, 2NF, 3NF and BCNF):
Development of methods and documentation to create data structure and make data machine readable.
Data Cleaning:
Identifying data that needs cleaning before onboarding. Data cleaning includes identifying any data distortion issues, null values, empty strings etc that may disable the analytical tools and visualizations. Key formatting decisions will be made here to optimize for performance.
Making an assessment of data and comparing with business use cases to recommend methods to enrich data analysis, storytelling and communication. This step documents and prepares for data joins, derivations and combining with 3rd party data.
Data Validation:
Assessing attributes and making sure they adhere to syntactic constraints and distribution constraints.
Output and Publishing:
Prepare recommendations for data and various publishing scenarios: Application viewing and analysis, Open Data initiatives, Regulatory Compliance etc.
Onboard Data:
Upon completion of final data formatting based on standards document, 34 North onboards all data into the OpenNRM Instance. The minimum deliverable makes all data available in the data catalog. These data are hosted in machine readable formats for use, export and sharing. Data compliant with OpenNRM data model will be automatically imported and usable with the map based explore data component and graphing libraries.

Data Product Workspaces and Template Development

The data onboarding process will determine data model and schema for the physical organization of the data and the workspace template will allow the team to determine custom presentations for these data as projects. The OpenNRM application allows for templates to use various components for data discovery, presentation and analysis. These components can include:

  • Catalogs
  • Interactive Maps and Visualizations (data model dependent)
  • Map Layer Viewers
  • Lists
  • Graphs and Filters
  • HTML Articles
  • Image Viewers
  • Tables Viewers (including GIS attribute tables)
  • Data Widgets

This part of the project will include a discovery tour of possibilities along with wireframes and mock-ups that will be presented to the client. The project currently allocates for the development of 3 custom template types. The templates will be made available in the workspace builder for use by the DWR team as new data is added.

When data requires a more sophisticated approach for presentation and analysis, custom templates can be developed to improve the communication of these data.

Typical Timeline

Months 1-2 The standard set-up of OpenNRM Enterprise, implementation and customization timeline is 1-2 months. Customers are added to the production schedule as soon as set-up fee is received. Scheduling is guaranteed within 7 days of set-up fee. Client should provide all assets not included in the data model and schema development process (images, videos, documents etc). Basic metadata collection occurs in this phase. Schedule will change if all assets needed for set up are not received one week from set up date.

Months 1-4: Project planning, data onboarding, data product discovery and prototyping. Develop key project liaison/ relationships; determine content goals and use cases. Working within the OPENNRM design guidelines and templates, 34 North will offer client theme options for colors and template styling. HTML structure will remain intact. Customize object database to match internal project data management fields for easy database synchronization.

Months 4-8: Database development, continue project planning for special projects, continue data onboarding, wireframe custom templates. Further data workspace customization.

Months 8-12: Iterative feedback process and testing. Final call for data. 34 North will consult client on process for content ingest. Testing and Quality Control.

Months 11-12: Go live activities, training and release to client.