Bay-Delta Live, Collaborative and Open Data Management for California Water

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Product: Bay-Delta Live

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Bay-Delta Live is a collaborative community of interests with the goal of expanding open and transparent sharing of information essential in understanding the complex and dynamic ecosystem of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta. A highly customized OpenNRM application, Bay-Delta Live provides information from multiple sources using maps, data dashboards, data stories and mobile applications. Bay-Delta Live is used by resource managers, scientists, conservationists, policy makers, academics, and other local community interests. BDL is supported through contributions from federal and state agencies, as well as community and agency information. Bay-Delta Live provides accurate, and unbiased data for environmental decision-making in California's most important estuary. BDL Data Platform Features:

  • Data Catalogs
  • Document Management
  • Project management
  • Spatial Tools: Interactive Mapping and GIS Management

Turning Data Into Information

The BDL collaborative effort to aggregate watershed data and information allows for the development of information and captivating dashboards and stories. Users can combine interactive maps, project pages, graphs, data widgets, articles, documents and dashboards to tell stories and report to a broader audience.

  • Data Dashboards give users access to current monitoring conditions from hundreds of data sensors throughout the watershed
  • Explore and download data using open data standards
  • Add, access and share current research and reports with catalogs
  • View, synthesize and download 200+ spatial files
  • Dig deeper into important topics including water quality, temperature, operations and fisheries
  • Explore the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta and it's watersheds
  • Add, track and implement projects
  • Collaborate

OpenNRM Enterprise Components
Project and Document Management

The BDL document an data catalogs have thousands of resources including scientific studies, reports, images, videos, spatial layer and data sets for members to discover, share, add to projects and collaborate.

Interactive Maps and Spatial Data

View, synthesize and download more than 200+ spatial data sets. Build map mashups and visualizations using real time sensor data, modeling data and GIS files. Save your maps for using in data dashboards, project pages or save to catalogs.

Data management and Visualization Tools

OpenNRM data tools allow BDL users to access, analyze and synthesize data for visualizations. A custom graphing application provides detailed time series analysis.