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Product: OpenNRM Enterprise Data Platform

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The Challenge

The Sacramento River is the largest river and watershed system in California. This 27,000-square mile basin drains the eastern slope of Shasta, the western slopes of the Cascades and the northern portion of the Sierra Nevada and runs 31% of the state’s total surface runoff. The Sacramento River Basin provides drinking water for millions, supplies farmers with water for California’s agriculture and is the lifeblood for hundreds of wildlife species including four runs of Chinook salmon. To help successfully manage this dynamic and diverse system, 34 North was tasked with a major data aggregation and software development effort in order to help inform stakeholders with accurate and timely information. The SRWP data platform is used for key management issues including:

  • Salmon / Steelhead Passage and Habitat
  • Wild Trout and Native Fish
  • Forest Health / Fuels Management
  • Aquatic and Riparian Habitat
  • Water Quality
  • Water Supply
  • Flood Management
  • Open Space and Land Conservation
  • Erosion and Natural Stream Function

Part of The Solution

The Sacramento River Watershed Data Portal built on the OpenNRM enterprise platform provides users with quick and easy access to extensive watershed data and information including the real time sensor networks, monitoring data, maps, studies, reports, images and GIS. Users can organize data spatially, construct personalized maps and create projects, wiki libraries and further analytics to better visualize data collection results and answer questions about watershed conditions and health. In addition to the development of the SRWP data portal, the 34 North team of scientists dug into the data to develop stories and answer questions about key areas of concern in the watershed including:

  • Current Condition Data Dashboards for Each Major Sub-Region
  • Mines and Mercury in the Sacramento Watershed
  • Fire and Forest Health
  • Reservoirs in Context and Current Conditions
  • Nutrient Loading in the Watershed
  • Water Temperature and Salmon Migration
  • Is it Safe to Swim in the Sacramento River and its Tributaries?
  • Battle Creek Data Hub
  • Drought Mitigation

Catalogs (Everything Geo-Located )

Store and help organize content throughout the site. Catalogs are organized into the following categories but can be expanded or condensed:

  • Document Library
  • Projects
  • Data Catalog
  • GIS
  • Resources Wiki


While officially a type of catalog, projects are organized to showcase project details according to the amount of project information a user has. We currently have 3 project templates:

  • General
  • Data Story
  • Projects with Dashboards

Explore Data

Explore monitoring programs and key datasets from the region:

  • Run Filters (Avg, 7DADM etc.)
  • Save Data Maps and Graphs to your Catalog
  • Share and Download
  • Monitoring Data
  • Combine with Spatial Layers
  • Use Analytics for Visualization

Interactive Map Tools

Tools to explore the SRW region spatially. Layers can be combined and saved to be used with projects, data stories, maps stories, dashboards and more.

  • 200 + Map Layers
  • Query Data
  • Create and Save Map Stories
  • Combine Layers with Data

Data Stories

  • Temperature Compliance and Monitoring
  • Safe to Swim
  • Forest Health and Fire
  • Reservoirs
  • Lower Sacramento Valley Current Conditions
  • Mercury and Mining
  • Flow
  • Nutrients

Data Dashboards

Compilations for easy display and discovery of data

  • Sacramento River Watershed Coordinated Monitoring Program
  • Fisheries
  • Triggers and Indices
  • Regional Hubs

  • Catalog Entries
  • Saved Maps, Graphs and Other Assets
  • Library Feeds
  • Comment Feeds
  • All Assets (including projects) Allow Users to Share or Invite Members
  • Everything Can be Made Public or Kept Private