Collaborative Operations Data Platform for Tracking Fish: Efforts to California Salmon

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Product: Acoustic Telemetry Data management and Visualization Tools

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Collaborative Management Platform

The release of thousands of Salmon to analyze and assess in real time the fish behavior in relation to water operations is key to managing the State's co-equal goals of water supply and protecting the environment. The project provides tools for managing the acoustic telemetry receiver network operations and visualization of raw and processed data from the receivers. The resulting product will add additional functionality to the existing OpenNRM software components and published to for agency management and public consumption of information. The Acoustic Telemetry Web Application was developed to support Army Corp of Engineers, USGS, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, California Department of Water Resources and participating agencies with the management of the receiver network ops and the visualization of raw and processed acoustic telemetry data in the California Delta. These data are processed and presented as dashboards for project stakeholders and water operators to support water management decisions. The project uses and customizes key OpenNRM software components and resides as a separate workspace on for management and public consumption of information. Additionally, the project delivered a receiver data management dashboard for regular monitoring and maintenance of receiver instrumentation in the field.

Custom Application Development

  • Collection and Organization of Data Telemetered to FTP Site
  • Development of Tools to Filter Raw Data to Unique Fish Passage Event
  • Development of Tools to Filter Out Tagged Predators
  • Created Graphics Package, Custom GIS and Basemaps for Web Implementation and Map Visualizations
  • Integrated All Custom Data and Analytics with OpenNRM Data Platform
  • Custom Reporting Dashboards and Project Work Spaces for Work Teams and Managers

Decision Support Tools

The web based application features provide decision support for the following:

  • Graphical Representation of Fish Behavior in Reaches
  • Fish Tracks Visualizations
  • Operations Dashboard for Viewing and Understanding Study Results
  • Support for Management Decisions with Relevant and Rigor Statistical Data
  • Implementation of Basic Survival Model for Statistical Analysis
  • View and Analyze Antecedent and Real Time Study Conditions Functionality
  • Operation Dashboard to Better Understand Entrainment Probabilities
  • Operation Dashboard for Instrumentation/Receiver Management