Salinity Data Management Tools: Analytics, Interactive Maps, Data Stories and a Common Operating Picture

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Salinity: A Common Operating Picture

Salinity is simply a measure of the amount of salts dissolved in water. An estuary usually exhibits a gradual change in salinity throughout its’ length as fresh water entering the estuary from tributaries mixes with seawater moving in from the ocean. In the State of California, fresh water is released from Sierra Nevada reservoirs to repel salt water intrusion from ocean tides into areas of the Sacramento- San Joaquin Bay Delta. This delicate balance is managed by water operations to provide suitable habitat for species, irrigation water for farmland and fresh water for water suppliers. In normal or wet years, water repels the salt field, but in extremely dry years, management challenges increase when trying to find a balance to support all water needs.

The Solution

Built using the OpenNRM natural resource management data platform, the BDL salinity data tools provide Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta scientists and water managers with in-depth analysis of salinity conditions. By synthesizing hundreds of remote and localized data sets and web services users can develop a common operating picture to support water managers. Data products include operations dashboards and analytics, live conditions data visualizations and spatial contour maps of point time series data based on linear interpolation for the Sacramento-Bay Delta.

OpenNRM Product Benefits:

  • Provides Baseline and Real-Time Data for Electrical Conductivity, River Flows and General Delta Conditions
  • Electrical Conductivity Visualizations (Data Interpolations) for Viewing the “Salt Field” and the Freshwater Corridor
  • Historical Time Series
  • How Salinity is Managed, Detailed Data Stories
  • Reduction in Time Needed to Aggregate Key Data by Agencies Staff and Managers
  • Easy Access to Data for all Stakeholders
  • Web-Based Collaboration Tools

Data Stories: Providing the Public with Context
An Introduction to Salinity

Data dashboards provide an introduction to salinity as a water quality parameter and how salinity is managed in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta:

  • What is Salinity? : An Overview
  • Salinity in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta: An Overview with Web-Based Spatial Visualizations and Current Salinity and Flow Conditions.

Managing Salinity in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta

Data dashboards provide operators and the public information about management of salinity conditions in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta.

  • Operations in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta: Spatial Tool Displaying Key Features and Management Options Used by Water Operators and Agencies to Control Salinity
  • Salinity Objectives to Protect Beneficial Uses: Water Quality Objectives and Key Salinity Compliance Station Maps

Salinity Operations Dashboard

Key data used by water operators in data dashboard format. Time series and spatial data. All data is downloadable.

  • 7-Day Electrical Conductivity Data Visualization
  • Delta Operations Summary and Graphs: Exports, Hydrology, and Operations
  • 7-Day Graph of Electrical Conductivity
  • Current Electrical Conductivity at Jersey Point, Rio Vista, and Old River at Highway 4
  • Old Middle River Current Conditions at Key Locations
  • Old Middle River Indices
  • Key Temperature Stations

Data Analytics

Electrical Conductivity, Flow and Turbidity comparisons for real-time and historical conditions.

  • Web-based Interactive Maps for Electrical Conductivity, Flow and Turbidity
  • Map Story Comparisons of 7 and 14-Day Time Series Analysis for Key Data Parameters
  • 7-Day Charts for Stations Along the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers and Delta for Electrical Conductivity, Flow, and Turbidity

Federating Data

  • Data Providers: California Data Exchange Center and USGS National Water Information System: Real-time and Historical Conditions for Electrical Conductivity, Flow, Turbidity, River Stage
  • California Hydrologic Conditions: Scheduled Exports, Delta Inflow, River Hydrology
  • Reservoirs, Inflow, Outflow and Storage
  • Salinity Background and Beneficial Uses: Fish, Industrial, Agriculture
  • Water Operations