Real Time Fisheries Decision Support Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta

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Product: Fisheries Dashboards

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Accessing more than 48 disparate datasets, the Bay-Delta Live (BDL) decision support and data dashboards for fisheries provide the Delta Operations for Salmonids and Sturgeon and Smelt Working Group technical teams with a platform for visualizing, comparing and analyzing data from surveys and real-time monitoring. The dashboard moves beyond real time data analysis real-time data to real-time synthesis by providing an interactive and collaborative tool for developing and testing new hypotheses about fishery responses to water operations in the San Francisco Estuary. Data include but limited to:

  • USFWS Delta Juvenile Fish Monitoring Program
  • USFWS Enhanced Delta Smelt Monitoring
  • USFWS Red Bluff Diversion Dam Rotary Screw Trap (RST)
  • CDFW Fish Salvage
  • CDFW Knights Landing and Tisdale RST
  • Glenn Colusa Irrigation District RST
  • CDFW Surveys (Spring Kodiak Trawl, Fall Mid Water Trawl, Expanded Delta Smelt Monitoring, 20MM Survey, Bay Study)

Data for Decisions

Real-time delta hydrologic operations decisions to protect endangered and threatened anadromous fish species. These management decisions for threatened and endangered species must be balanced with water supply and quality regulations in and South of the Delta.

Water Operations Triggers and Indicies Data

Reporting dashboards keep managers and stakeholders informed with current fish monitoring and water quality conditions in the Delta for real-time decision making. Water operators look to monitoring fish migration patterns as part of their operating plans. Features include:

  • Key Monitoring Survey Catch Highlights
  • Catch Indices for DCC Gate Operations per NMFS BiOps Action IV.1.2
  • Environmental Indicators of Fish Migration
  • Old Middle River Conditions and Index
  • Water Quality Conditions at Key Stations
  • Net Flow at Jersey Point
  • Delta Operations Summary
  • Reservoir Conditions

Red Bluff Diversion Dam Data

Current conditions at the Red Bluff DIversion Dam Monitoring include the following monitoring reports:

  • Chinook Salmon Monitoring and Catch Data Reported by fish run (winter, spring, fall)
  • Water Quality Conditions Data Table and Charts
  • Biweekly Catch Totals Table with 90% Confidence Intervals

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services Delta Juvenile Fish Monitoring and Expanded delta Smelt Monitoring Program Data

  • Charts and Data Tables for Fish Species of Concern Caught at Key Locations and Reported at 7-Day Durations
  • Most Recent Day of DJFMP Surveys
  • DJFMP Details Dashboard has an Interactive Map and Graphs for Catch at Each Survey Location

California State Water Project and Central Valley Project Fish Salvage Reporting

Daily updates reporting fish salvage estimates at fish facilities for the California State Water Project and Central Valley Project. Data highlights species of concern and historical trend data is also available.

  • Table of values provided for fish species caught at California water project fish facilities