Web-based Decision Support for Stakeholder Implementation of Real-Time, Basin-scale Salinity Management (Publication)

34 North CEO, Amye Osti, co-authors publication researching the development of software tools for the implementation of real time salinity management in the San Joaquin River Basin.  Real-time salinity management increases annual average salt export from the agriculture-dominated and salt-impacted San Joaquin Basin. This strategy also reduces the likelihood of potential fines associated with exceedances of monthly and annual salt load allocations which could exceed $1 million per year based on average year hydrology and State-mandated, TMDL-based salt load export limits. The essential components of this program include the establishment of telemetered sensor networks, a web-based information system for sharing data, a basin-scale salt load assimilative capacity forecasting model and institutional entities tasked with performing weekly forecasts of River salt assimilative capacity and coordinating west-side drainage return flows. San Joaquin River (SJRRTM) Online (SJRO) is a new web portal that combines WARMF-Online a dedicated web portal for sharing model input data and salt assimilative capacity forecasts with an informational website for increasing stakeholder awareness of the unique characteristics and opportunities for enhanced water and water quality resource management in the River Basin.  

Managing Salinity in the Sacramento San Joaquin Bay-Delta

The BDL Salinity Dashboard and Data Story provides Delta scientists and water managers with in-depth analysis of salinity conditions in the Delta. By synthesizing hundreds of remote and localized data sets and web services users can develop a common operating picture to support water managers. Data products include operations dashboards and analytics, live conditions data visualizations and spatial contour maps of point time series data based on linear interpolation for the Sacramento-Bay Delta.

Collaborative Natural Resource Management in the Sacramento River Watershed, OpenNRM Data Platform

The Sacramento River Watershed Data Portal provides stakeholders with access to current watershed conditions data from hundreds of data sensors and monitoring programs.  Explore historical data, water quality assessment, forest health and ecosystem restoration.  Users can discover, synthesize and download more than 200 map layers and data sets.  Go in depth with data stories on important topics including forest health, river water temperature, dam operations and fisheries management.

Bay-Delta Live, Collaborative and Open Data Management for California Water

Bay-Delta Live is a collaborative community of interests with the goal of expanding open and transparent sharing of information essential in understanding the complex and dynamic ecosystem of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta.  A highly customized OpenNRM application, Bay-Delta Live provides information from multiple sources using maps, data dashboards, data stories and mobile applications. Bay-Delta Live is used by resource managers, scientists, conservationists, policy makers, academics, and other local community interests. BDL is supported through contributions from federal and state agencies, as well as community and agency information. Bay-Delta Live provides accurate, and unbiased data for environmental decision-making in California's most important estuary.