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Product: Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta Water Quality Conditions Report

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Reporting Environmental Monitoring Programs

This web enabled interactive report summarizes and provides a platform to explore water monitoring and special studies conducted by the Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) within the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and Suisun and San Pablo Bays. This monitoring is mandated by Water Right Decision 1641 (D-1641). The interactive report provides the most current monitoring data and access to all historical data and trends. Project and Product Highlights Include:

  • Extensive Data Collection from 6 Water Quality Monitoring Programs
  • Data Management and Interoperability Planning
  • Custom Data Filters and Analytics
  • California State Website Template Development
  • Reporting Dashboards
  • Training
  • Data: Zooplankton
  • Phytoplankton
  • Benthic
  • Water Quality: Chlorophyll, Turbidity, Nitrogen, Temperature
  • Hydrologic Conditions: Outflow, Runoff, Water Year Classification, Outflow
  • Special Studies: Stockton Deep Water Ship Channel, Dissolved Oxygen, Suisun Bay

Real Time Reporting and Data Access to Important Monitoring Programs

The 1641 Water Quality Report on BDL aggregates data and content for BDL users as well as power the State of California’s Estuary Portal pages for the public. The platform creates a forum for collaborative management and data collection between agencies, QAQC routines, method review and documentation, extensive metadata development, a view of conditions at the time of data collection, species backgrounders, field photos, and much more. Monitoring programs (including the Interagency Ecological Program) will have access to data analysis tools to perform preliminary analysis on their own data as well as EMP data and have the ability to combine it with real time delta conditions (from WDL, CDEC, NWIS, CEDEN, etc.). When dealing with such a complex and dynamic system, it is necessary to utilize the data to its fullest potential, which is possible through data sharing and near real-time data analysis.