Web-based Decision Support for Stakeholder Implementation of Real-Time, Basin-scale Salinity Management (Publication)

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Real Time Salinity Management Tools

34 North CEO, Amye Osti, co-authors publication for software based implementation of real time salinity management. Real-time salinity management increases annual average salt export from the agriculture-dominated and salt-impacted San Joaquin Basin. This strategy also reduces the likelihood of potential fines associated with exceedences of monthly and annual salt load allocations which could exceed $1 million per year based on average year hydrology and State-mandated, TMDL-based salt load export limits. The essential components of this program include the establishment of telemetered sensor networks, a web-based information system for sharing data, a basin-scale salt load assimilative capacity forecasting model and institutional entities tasked with performing weekly forecasts of River salt assimilative capacity and coordinating west-side drainage return flows. San Joaquin River (SJRRTM) Online (SJRO) is a new web portal that combines WARMF-Online a dedicated web portal for sharing model input data and salt assimilative capacity forecasts with an in-formational website for increasing stakeholder awareness of the unique characteristics and opportunities for enhanced water and water quality resource management in the River Basin. Web-based Decision Support for Stakeholder Implementation of Real-time, Basin-scale Salinity Management (PDF Download Available).


Nigel W.T. Quinn, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory --Amye Osti, 34 North --Joel Herr, Systech --Jun Wang, USBR

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