Sundance Film Festival Online

7 years running 34 North was an executive producer for the Sundance Online Film Festival. During this period 34 North developed over nine video streaming websites to support the festival and its programs including Sundance Online for Films, The Filmmaker Resource Center, and various original productions including trailers, animations, and maps. The project with the Institute was extensive because the web products tied into every aspect of the organization from managing filmmakers and sponsors to posting videos on the web for thousand of simultaneous viewers. 34 North was the main driver for helping Sundance bring in new technology sponsors and ultimately increasing sposorship revenues. The main project tasks and technologies include:

  • The development of large film databases and online schedules for thousands of films and filmmakers.
  • Fully integrated e-commerce and ticketing system.
  • A fully integrated content management system so that the festival staff could manage all pages, online catalogs, schedules and film releases from anywhere in the world.
  • Comprehensive media player and video experience. The media viewer supports all media types based on the user defaults, allowed for metadata and supplementary information like filmmakers bios and film schedules.
  • Community syndication and marketing for viral distribution of films. Users can share videos with friends, add comments and vote for their favorites. This interaction with the Festival was the first of its kind allowing for true grass roots participation in the independent film world.
  • Website design and development in both .NET and Linux server environments.
  • Film competition content production, editing, encoding, hosting and streaming for display on the web. 34 North worked on the street of Park City for Behind the Scenes footage as well as organized the showcase of more than 50 short films online annually.
  • External Affairs: 34 North worked with the Institute to find sponsors and market the event online.
  • Maps: Created interactive festival maps
  • Scalability: building a robust web interface to support the millions of visitors daily to the web pages as well as the films online. Original content for behind the scenes footage and festival dailies.
  • Online ticketing