The Open Resource Management Foundation

The Open Resource Management Foundation was created to provide resource managers, scientists, conservationists, policy makers, academics and all stakeholders with a free and open community to collaborate, share information, view the latest science, visualize project areas, create GIS maps, and have access to the latest research for their area. is working quickly to access and include all publically syndicated supplemental data so that each project team may customize their project pages to include GIS layers, species data, project data and documents about their area of interest. In the meantime, members are allowed to begin aggregating, organizing, adding RSS feeds, creating document catalogs and building projects pages with their own information. Our outreach efforts include: ESRI ArcOnline, Fishbase, University of Michigan’s Animal Diversity Web, Photo Libraries and more.

OpenNRM is a non-profit platform for collaborative efforts in the conservation community. Access and use are available through an easy online application and proof of service to the environment. This community was created for small to medium size environmental efforts where money is tight, there is no IT department and collaboration among stakeholders is critical to the financial viability and success of the project. is fully integrated with ArcServer and can implement custom geoprocessing tasks, map layers, and animations and is making available all ArcServer base map products to the community.